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Play Delayed: Episode 4 - Part 1

As usual, this blog is delivered late so it will be split in to 2 main sections, section one will be what I wrote almost straight after the last blog, there are a few games that I finished and some TV series that I went through, The second part will be about the last 2 months or so as I have put a solid block of time into an indie game on pc that I feel I should share with you all.

Section 1 - Part 1

So I have recently completed both Dark Sector and Bodycount on Xbox 360 and ended up seeing both endings within2 days of each other. There were a few games that I really wanted to start (in spite of the fact that I
still have other games on the go...), but wanted to start something fairly recent - so I started playing Enslaved: Odyssey to the West.


This game boils down to brawn and brains forced to work together in harmony, bound by the knowledge that failure to cooperate will have deadly consequences for both parties involved. I was impressed from the start both by the visuals and by the way the characters end up together. The tutorial first level was also rather action packed I found as well. Without realizing the situation fully I dived straight in to the game, not fully aware of what would happen and the consequences if my character died. I found myself playing as Monkey, who has a special headband attached to his forehead, it can kill me and the game forced me to rapidly climb...

From what I had played up to this point, it seemed like this action packed game was really just a really beautiful looking game (set in a post apoclyptic world) with a platforming formula hidden in the background. The gameplay options are simple - run, jump, attack (with different strengths), this is all wrapped in the up with
the adult conversation that goes back and forth between the 2 human characters - Monkey and trip, contemplating the value of life compared to humans and the machines, so in short - it’s a platformer but feels like totally different...

Is it wrong of me people, to class platformer games as childish? For many years I stayed away from games like this, as I felt I had grown out of them, but in enslaved you are not just jumping on the heads of mushrooms, dying in Mario land is no big deal, you go back to the check point and continue to push on, in Super Meat Boy, I get grinded up and
instantly start again as with Enslaved, only in enslaved, when I died, I felt like I really let Trip down... It’s this sense of responsibility for Trip that keeps me going I think, when there are programmed parts where Monkey goes almost 300 yards away, then trip gets surrounded by machines that attacj here but geometry will not me just dash across to
her, then I start to panic, she has used up her imp blast and I only have that limited window of time to get to her and save her... She can’t over use this and the clock is ticking!

Enslaved looks great, I like it a lot from what I have played so far but it is only chapter 3 and still early days, there are a few things regarding gameplay that I really liked, mainly the sub boss battles, you end up fighting the same boss 2 times, but you have to take it down in 2 different ways, it mixes things up a bit and keeps the game fresh,
I will continue on with this until the end...

Enslaved: part 2

I ended up finishing Enslaved within about a week and a half of writing up this first piece about it. The story got really
as the game went on, finding out about what happens to trip and meeting the disgusting but very cool looking (in a steampunk kinda way) junk yard dweller - Pigsy! Racing Pigsy was really annoying and that was one achievement that I did not acquire - I might look it up sometime and get it but there and then it was easy. One thing against the game
that enjoyed me later on was the lack of variety with the enemies... It was the same 4 or 5 robots all game until the sub boss,
but overall the game was brilliant, I really enjoyed the ending of the game and the leviathan was very, very cool (did I ever mention I have a thing for mechs and walking battle tanks..?). It was nice to see the ending but it reminded me a lot of many other things - for example, the matrix storyline - the ark putting all the people "enslaved" within
it into another world that is fake and unreal compared to the wasteland they face outside... But the ending was nice and is totally worth playing right through just to see...

So other things worth noting are as follows: the gameplay objectives in this game are marked with easy to understand icons that are in the shape of monkey's face, I thought this was quite nice and made going to the next progress point a lot less stressful for me. A lot of other games do not properly communicate the next way point or the character will
mention it in passing but if you are not paying attention it will go over your head and you will spend ages trying to get it... The rhino battle I though was very cool, you had to climb up on to platforms but the boss was still running around at ground level making noise and stomping about and when Monkey took down the scorpion - although it'd been a while since
I did all this - I had made a note to say that it was "bad-ass"! And finally, Monkey at some point gets to take off the head band, but he chooses to put it back on, this was a cool moment for me as he had a mission to complete, but I'm not sure why he chose to finish of the mission as Trip's slave, this part was second only to Monkey getting an extended glimpse of what the world was like and trip bringing him back to reality... A very cool game that is most definitely worth checking out,
It was a shame when I read that it did not do so well... But I will be getting the piece of dlc for it in the not too distant future as I want to return to it!

Still on platform games and I purchased a new monitor for my gaming PC, my old one was over 5 years old and could not hit the range
required to play some newer pc games that I had picked up over the Christmas that I really wanted to play, so, as soon as I had the monitor home and set up, I started to play a game called Super Meat Boy...

As some of you who follow the video games industry may know, Super Meat Boy is not about high end graphics and lifelike realism, instead it takes a step back in time with its retro graphic and retro difficulty that we remember with the 2d platformers of olde! You play as Meat Boy and your girlfriend (Bandage Girl) has been kidnapped by the evil Dr Fetus, who nobody loves apparently. From here you have to navigate jumps, buzz saws and other lethal traps to rescue the one you love - and it gets very hard, very fast! In the space of my first 3 hours with the game I died over 600 times! This game is officially nuts and I am not even sure how many levels there are in this game but I just dived straight in without looking...

But the gameplay itself is very cool, refreshingly old school and refreshingly difficult, run and jump and you can speed up your run
speed as well to cover greater gaps, another point in the games favor is the soundtrack, I had listened to most of this before I even had a chance to play the game and if you have seen the game in trailers and don't think you want to play it, you should at least check out the soundtrack! This game is definitely for those that grew up in the 8 bit console era and who miss that style of play, I am playing it on pc but it is available on some other formats and with many levels to play (with dark levels to unlock as well) and extra characters with different gameplay characteristics to diversify the gameplay I recommend that you check this one out, It has been a while since I played it (for reasons I will get in to later on...) but it hooks you in and the more you die, the more you feel like an idiot as the solution is always at finger tip's reach away and you know you can get there...

Section 2 - Part 2:

What I have been watching...

When I posted my last blog, I was getting through an anime called Shigurui: Death Frenzy and now that I have finished it off I have to say
that I was quite an enjoyable watch! The show runs at a relatively slow pace but when something cool does eventually happen it is close enough to epic. This anime is rather minimal in its approach to build up but the end result is pretty spectacular, set during samurai times in Japan, there are a lot of weird things going on in this series (I guess as to be expected from the point of view of a westerner looking at a Japanese cartoon?), murder, violence, bloodshed and even serial sexual assault with in a high ruling family (which is pretty difficult to watch at the best of times... Scene transitions I noticed were done in a very arty way, the best example I can give is when a character was said to have been turning in to a monster, the scene transitions with a chrysalis opening and producing a moth...

So if slow paced, violent stories set in Japanese history are you thing then check this out! After finishing this I was not sure what to get in to
next (as always!!), so after a good look through my collection I settled on Terminator: Sarah Connor Chronicles (Season 1). Going in to this I had heard some bad things regarding this TV series, but as a massive fan of the movies series (maybe I mentioned this before?) I went in to this with an open mind.

(Note: The next paragraph was written while I was still watching the series!) So I am after watching up as far as an episode involving the main characters taking back a truck full of materials to hopefully prevent the machines from creating more machines after Judgment Day. The series so far has been quite interesting, the action is quite good and it ties in to the whole Terminator Fiction quite nicely. A lot of the fights seem to end up with one robot putting another robot through a wall but I never seem to get bored of this. A part that deserves note was Episode 4, the suspense moment in this with John Connor all alone, very well done for a TV series, it kept me on the edge of my seat! The only thing that I did not enjoy was how John's robot protector interacts with the other girls at school, this is often difficult to watch, funny at times more often than not so silly I have to turn away!

I think I went through this series from start to finish in less than 5 days, being a huge fan to the terminator fiction I found a lot of it very interesting, with Terminator: Salvation being a favorite movie of mine out of recent offerings at the cinema, every now and again I do get a need for a bit more Terminator, I have seen a series 2 and will definitely be looking in to getting in to this somewhere down the line but for all the bad things I heard about this show, I really got in to it, there were many moments that tied in to the first 2 movies quite nicely, for example, the parts with Dr. Silverman in them and how the
events of the second movie had affected him. If you like the Terminator story, then defiantly check this out, that’s all I can say!

Moving away from what I have been watching, I was playing a couple of old games or at least one old game and another with old school flavor, the first is Galaga Legions DX on PSN, I had got back in to this after not playing it for a long time, I felt like I was not making much progress with it, I was just jumping in and out of it, but had not finished any of the levels yet, but one day I kept playing to see how long one level lasted... At this time of writing I am 6 levels down and on the 7th but all attempts so far have resulted in my ass getting kicked! There is an awful lot going on the screen at one time and it can get very tricky! but it looks great and plays great - even if you are just jumping in and out of it! The second game is Deus Ex... I was trying this out on PS2
a while back and got in to it admittedly, despite the crappy load times between sections of each level, well, I found the double set Deus Ex complete on pc and it runs on my gaming pc, I played the training level just to see if it worked and I was pleased with what I saw. I got up as far as the stealth training bit, it plays great but it looks terrible
compared to chat I am playing on pc these days, perhaps I do not have the setting correct, this is something I will have to look in to but I am hoping to get in to both games, then finally play my copy of Deus Ex: Human Revolution! That is the plan anyway!

So all of the above was what I had wrote a couple of months ago hoping to get it online in a punctual fashion but as I have noticed many times in the past, this just never happens with me! so all of the below would have made up another blog but I have not wrote it yet, everything past this point is typed straight from my head, it is my most up to date gameplay and movies watched, there will be little snippets from some games that I bought and only just tested, there is at least one game finished,
one in the works and one that I have spent an epic amount of time (for me any way!)... Try to enjoy!

Section 3 - recent completions

Burnout Paradise: Ultimate box

I finally got the Burnout License in this one! It took me ages to get back in to this one as I am not great at racing games and this game, acadey and totally my thing, is still a game that if I am not really focused on, I am just wasting my time and end up doing really bad at. Then I rage quit, a silent rage quit but still a rage quit! I had got the A license a few blogs ago and I was 26 races to go, I moved closer to the goal by surviving marked man challenges and doing a few take down events to build up wins. Then one day I started to play the races again, I won a few but the ones that I lost I always ended up in the north west of the map, miles away from any of the other races still to be done and I would end up messing around with this until I got bored and switched the game off. Then, eventually a few new cars were running around the city for me to shut down, the Carson Inferno and the Jansen X12 were 2 that I remember the most, there was a monster truck style vehicle as well but this did not suit my style of play. I unlocked the Inferno van and entered a road rage race, trophy unlocked! then a few minutes later in the same sitting I smashed my 60th bill board, another trophy unlocked... by this time I had only about 4 races until the burnout license and I left if for that night, the next day when I got home, I fired it back up and finished it off, there was a stage where my car was really badly damaged and it would not drive forward very fast, only fast in reverse, I had not ever seen this before and thought it was because I had taken way too much damage, then the Jansen x12 flys past me, I know I can't drive forward but I chase after it reversing down the road and when I finally catch up and match speed with it, I U-turn reverse in to its side and smash it in to a road side barrier for the take down... It’s only after this that I realize that the L2 button on my control pad is jammed and this is why I can’t drive forwards at top speed, because L2 is the brakes..! A few minutes later I got the gold trophy pop up and was watching the credits to Burnout Paradise! After the credits I was told that I can compete for another burnout license - 117 races I think it was... I said no thanks and switched off the game and put it back in the box! It will be a long time before I ever play that one again... As good as it is, I have many other racing games to play...

House of the Dead: Overkill

I have on both PS3 and Wii but one night when player 2 was over, we decided to try out the Wii version, mainly because I have 2 gun accessories for my Wii and because I hardly ever play it! So, after a few minutes of calibration issues, battery problems and also trying to locate another Wii controller, we finally got it up and running! My previous experience with a house of the dead game was in an arcade, I have not played them much, but this game we did give it a fair shot! (No pun intended...) So, we found out quickly that this game is one of those games that is funny as hell, but in a way that is going to offend a few people along the way, our game we only got 4 or 5 levels in but we saw a camp bad guy, a disabled wheelchair boss that had powers not unlike psycho mantis, a kinda racist biker chick and a crazy carnival boss that had a fetus attached to it as well... It is a very tongue in cheek
Kind of comedy with the main characters being the perfect mismatch as the banter between them lets you know early on. It does not take itself seriously as a gun game but the gun play itself is quite frantic at times and great for couch co-op!

We enjoyed it so much that I thought it would go down well at a friend's place where player 2 and I regularly go to drink. So I brought it and a gun attachment for Wii remotes and 3 of us couch co-oped this game from start to finish, laughing at the bad jokes and crazy boss battles along the way... There were also one or 2 sick moments in the game towards the end and one major laugh that we all found great as well, House of the Dead: Overkill is a pretty good, if not short game, I think we played it from start to finish in less than 5 hours, but we had a lot of fun along the way, I have still to play my PS3 copy of this but it will be nice to play it and get some trophies for my troubles... If you like zombies and dark comedy then you should give this one a shot - but play it with a gun attachment for the maximum amount of enjoyment!

Ghost Recon: Future Soldier

I'm not sure why I bought this game 2 days after it's official release date, perhaps I was being silly with my money that day, but I was in a media shop here in my city and saw it there and just impulse bought it. Traditionally I have really enjoyed stealth genre games, sneaking around, picking my shots carefully and trying my best not to be seen at crucial points (as it usually results in my character getting perforated with bullets... I looked at the trailers in the build up to this as well and knew that you were part of a team of 4 soldiers that performed all of the missions, a team of special op soldiers called ghosts, but I thought that the minor celebrities that were on the trailers were going to voice the ghosts, it did not seem like that to me as one of the ghosts on the trailer was female, there was no female ghost in this game, but that does not matter too much to me. The game itself looks great, the weapons for the most part are cool, the locations are a bit too samey in the beginning and overall the sneaking is really cool, there were a lot off cool things about this game, but I felt that it borrowed a lot from other titles to make it as cool as it was.

I will get the bad things out of the way first I guess and these might seem a bit nit-picky, but the stealth camouflage, I have been playing the metal gear games for years, this first popped up in to my head and later on there are a few parts that involve you driving your RC car camera through air vents to see who the prisoners are in their cells, remember the beginning of metal gear solid where you had to look for the Darpa chief? this kinda enjoyed me but also kinda kept me playing as well, so basically the ghosts have the camo abilities (or at least some of the abilities) of Grey Fox from the MGS series, as I mentioned before, the locations early on are a bit samey looking, but the game does kinda drag you a good bit over the world, I was getting a bit sick of those drought ridden desert locations and was quite happy to see even a bit of marsh land and snowy mountains in the middle of the game and sometime when you had to take down targets by shooting certain parts of them, this was not properly communicated, at leastI felt so anyway, the best example was when you were on a desert airstrip and a plane was taking off and you had to shoot it down, this took me a few shots as I was shooting where the area was indicating but it did not work for my first few attempts... I think that is all of the bad things...

Even though the locations were a bit samey looking, there were some cool environmental events that helped or hindered you progress, for example, after you shoot a plane down, there is a sandstorm and navigating through this was kinda cool - especially because the enemy troops were also having problems getting through the storm as well, the guns were cool, but I did not get to use the gun smith feature at all in campaign mode, I'm not even sure how to access it but I liked most of the guns I got to use, in particular the sniper rifles, some of these being able to shoot through cover and take out targets from a distance through concrete walls and wooden barricades. I did not use the shotguns much, this game was me standing back and sniping or commanding my troops to do the shooting for me.

You can mark targets for kills and join in with a co-op snipe, this is satisfying when done properly but if you do not join the dots up correctly then you will have a massive firefight on your hands when the dead bodies are discovered, I often restarted my checkpoints
to see how to join these dots for the most efficient and stealthy outcome. The war hound was a cool addition to the game and would have been a lot cooler if you could control it yourself, instead of it just rooting itself down and firing on enemy position but I believe that
a lot of things that were in the trailers were left out of the finished game. And not to spoil anything but I thought that the last 2 levels were cool, I can comment on this later on in a discussion if readers have finished the game but I was rather happy with how the story wrapped up. One more thing in favor of the game, the feedback you get from taking down targets is quite good and helps quite a lot, either in x-ray mode or when you have a sensor grenade deployed, your targets are in yellow if the cannot see you or orange if you have been spotted, but take down a target and their diamond shaped indicator turns white - this helped me a lot in the heavy firefights and I would like to see this more in other shooter games.

So the game was for the most part fun to play, I enjoyed some of the later levels but I guess it did just feel like another one of those military shooter games, the squad command reminded of a game I briefly played called full spectrum warrior on PS2, just the way you could
command targets but you could not tell them where to go, just who to kill, I am getting sick of those games involving modern warzones and current conflicts, but everyone else obviously is not because the keep making these games, I just thought that this one had some cool touches
that kept me just about interested, plus it was a nice way to get me back in to stealth games again, I have a few more in my collection that I want to get in to, included 2 recent HD collections that came out... If you like modern war games then this one is for you, play it but don’t expect much new from the story end, just from the design end, some cool weapons, the stealth devices were also cool and if you have friends to play it with there are co-op (which I did not play) and a horde style mode with 50 waves called guerilla mode, which I had a quick shot of after I finished the main story. If my friends had this on ps3 I might get in to it multiplayer but I don’t think this will happen as the majority of them are not ps3 owners.

Section 4 - what I have been watching (recent stuff)

I should rename this part what I have been reading for this blog because I put my psp down for a few weeks to read the Millennium Trilogy. I was curious about this series of books and I had the 3 Swedish movies and the Hollywood remake of the first movie in my collection to watch,
But for a change I thought I would read the books first then compare the movies to them... These books were fantastic, I loved them all and actually was sad to put them down to go back to work or to get off the bus, if it was not raining I would continue to read them at the bus stop for a few minutes just to see what happens next! This is a very well put together story, centering around a government conspiracy and a young woman wrongfully declared incompetent and her attempt, with some help to clear her name and to expose this massive conspiracy. I'm not going to give away much of the story but the scope of the whole fiction is amazing, the first book is good enough to stand alone and if you did not follow up with the other 2 you would still be satified! I got a lot of cool images from the books, for example the locations in which the story took place, what the characters looked like and how they played out their scenes... When I got to the movie trilogy almost all of my mental pictures were not far off the pictures I saw on screen! The bridge that the accident happened on though - I did not expect that to be that long... I don't know why? Berger looked a bit different to what I had imagined but this was not a bad thing, but if the movies are what you watched first, then Blomkvist might have looked innocent regarding his sexual encounters in the movies, in the books it is very different. I thought that the second movie was very cool too, action packed but Ronald Neiderman looked kinda different to what I had in my head but any of the fights he is involved with are pretty cool! And the third movie was good too, Lisabeth is a very cool character and her court room scenes in here are great when played out on screen! Then after all of this I watched the Hollywood remake... I thought that this was going to be crappy but it was actually quite good too, but I felt that there was a lot more emphasis on the look of the characters, Salander was a lot more punk looking, perhaps closer to the book but not very necessary. It’s still worth looking at,
but I was kinda against watching this because the characters were not speaking Swedish. I was sad when I wrapped this one up but there are still 2 movies to be made out of Hollywood to wrap up the trilogy - hopefully these will be good too and that by the time they come out, the moment has not passed...

I needed another TV series to watch as I had finished off a few, I decided to throw on an anime called Gantz... My first thoughts after watching the opening episode was that this is going to be fucked up, because in the first episode 2 school high school kids get hit by a train and their heads fly off!!!! That was messed up! And as the series went on it did not get any less weird! When I first heard 'take my green onions' and then the little guy got destroyed, I was thinking that this is some seriously weird shit! but I saw this one through to the end and it does get quite epic later on! This series has violence, gun violence, sex, anime big boobed silliness and a lot of gore as well, It also has good suspense parts (if you can get that far in to a cartoon) and a pretty good story if you give it a chance, The music was pretty good too, except for the opening theme - this kinda enjoyed me right from the start! So I always
fast forwarded it whenever I watched an episode... As I said, this series has it's epic moments and there were some images left in my head that will stick in my head for a long time (some of which I will attempt to create some fan art later on... ), My understanding of Gantz is that although you are playing  the game, ultimately it is Gantz that is playing you! You can never win, sure, it will let you come close to victory but then you see it slip further and further away... My only problem that I had with Gantz (and with most of the animes I end up watching...) was that it is about high school kids who get caught up in something and have to figure a way out, with relationships, fights and power struggles becoming intertwined in to the whole mix, but then there is the comic relief of Gantz - dog, who I kinda became attached to, but as a viewer of Gantz looking in, you are the only one who can walk away, the characters of the show however will be called on, time after time until their number is up...

Some highlights in the series that are worth mentioning (and I will call out the episode rather than the moment), Episode 12, Episode 19, Episode 20 and Episode 21 I give mention to because of cool shit that stands out in my mind when I think back over them, so if you like your anime and are looking for something new to watch - I recommend Gantz! I have also been watching a few movies as well, Rainfall was a movie with Gary Oldman in it that I picked up recently, I had read nothing about it but went by the text on the back of the DVD box, the movie itself was alright but nothing really special, as contract killer movies go, this one did not have a lot that stood out and I was mainly watching because I am a fan of Gary Oldman. But unfortunate this would not be one of his strongest performances in my books, he is a good actor but his character in this movie was not the type of person I want to watch a lot of on screen and the overall movie lacked any real impact, a watchable movie but don't expect much... Another one I picked up, this time from the martial arts section of my media store, Dragon Eyes sees Cung Le and Jean Claude Van Damme working together, but with Van Damme taking a shorter role in the movie. The fight scenes in this movie are very cool, with some good martial arts on display but like most of the action movies that are coming out these days, it seems that although the fights are very cool, when a person takes a punch or kick, I don't feel it! When you watch some of the older movies in the same vein, you feel everything and sometimes you are genuinely shocked or you grimace when you see someone take a nose crunching knee in the face... Definitely worth a look and the cameo from another well know cage fighter is also worth mentioning..! I watched Timecop 2, I was looking for Total Recall when I bought this but as a fan of the first one, I felt I had to check this movie out. I am not sorry I did but it was not as great as the first one at all and it is not a case of "oh, the original is always the best..." This movie just did not have the action or possible production value of the first and as a result was at times not very interesting to watch, the fighting was alright but nothing too special, watching the time jump go wrong was cool and it was
interesting to see the effects of multiple jumps in a short space of time but it got a bit difficult to follow in the end, the ending itself not really having a great effect on me, check it out but don’t expect much.

I guess I was on a bit of an action movie bender for a few days; I ended up watching Gen X Cops, Battleship and Eraser in the same day... Battleship was the first one that I watched and I was going in to this hearing a lot of bad things about a certain pop star's poor performance in the movie from multiple people, but this was not too much of a problem for me, even though she is not an actress, she played her part of touch chick alright, just some of the things that happened with the battleships themselves kinda enjoyed me, like pulling a massive U-turn on of the ships or the sentimental pull together vibe regardless of who you are that was felt in the movie, this is not something that inspires me personally in movies as I go for well written stories and cool design aspects, which brings me to the aliens that are in the movie, those guys look cool until they take off their helmets, they are kinda like spartans from the Halo video game series but under the mask they looked like cosmic surfers with their chin spines. I like their crafts that they attack in and to see some of the battleships as well was quite cool! Also, the way that earth fights back I though was very cool and interesting to me a lot, I do not know a lot about being at sea and the devices that ships use to navigate oceans and this also tied in the board game quite nicely. Ultimately though, the movie kinda felt like Independence Day at sea minus the powerful speech towards the end and although the movie is quite good special effects wise, there are a lot of cooler movies out there to check out... After this I put on Eraser, I got this on DVD because I wanted to see those big EM guns working, I remember watching this movie a long time ago and liking it and even today I still think it is a cool movie, a good old school action movie, a little dated but still packs a good punch compared to some of the action movies today... And finally on that day I watched Gen X Cops. I'm not sure what I was expecting out of this movie, I think I was mixing it up with a different movie and was expecting robots in it..? But this movie was not what I wanted to watch, I was kind of annoying in places but I stuck it out until the credits. It's more like an action movie for 12 year olds, but even at that age it would probably seem a bit weak... A bunch of police academy drop outs are recruited to go undercover to infiltrate a crime gang and gather intel, chaos and misadventure ensues but they make good in the end, I apologies if I ruined the movie for you but it is not my kind of movie, but as a non violent, comical action movie it could get laughs out of a younger audience, I have the sequel here as well, I'm not sure if I really want to watch it now though...

Moving away from that I watched The Avengers movie and Ironman 2, The first Ironman movie was great and I was expecting this one to be even cooler because war machine is one of my favorite comic book characters from years ago, I read a few comics years ago but liked him a lot from the beginning, but this movie is not as good as the first movie for me, but it is not a bad movie either, although the personality of Stark really annoys me in this movie, I can forgive that because the bad guy in the movie was very cool and because the design aspects of the movie were very cool as well, I did enjoy the movie a lot but when Stark goes off rambling to himself and cutting other people off, that was quite irritating at times... Still very cool and you get to see Stark go off the rails and it leads in to the next movie I watched quite nicely... The Avengers! This movie kicked ass... I did not think that bringing 4 comic book characters together in one movie (who have all had big movies themselves) would actually work but I thought this movie was great! The Hulk steals the show for me as his brute force and smash mouth violent beat downs very, very cool to watch! I had seen all the movies leading up to this except Thor but I am glad that I watched this one, The only black mark against this movie and it's very small was that the aliens that attack looked a bit like the locust from the Gears of War video game series, in particular the larger flying aliens but this movie is an all-out, over the top action movie the I thought really kicked ass! And lastly, I watched Diamond Dogs, a movie starring Dolph Lundgren, a low budget action movie set in Mongolia. This movie is only for fans of Dolph as I could see a lot of people not enjoying this, it has action sequences that lack massive impact and a kamp, greedy bad guy that kinda enjoyed me but I like Lundgren's movies and this one was not his worst. The story was a bit silly but it had parts that I thought was cool, some funny action movie one liners popped up once or twice as well but it kinda all felt like something made in everyone's spare time between other projects and shot on cheap cameras. If you are a fan of Dolph Lundren - watch it but don't expect too much...

Ok, this is going to do it for episode 4 - part 1. Part 2 I will be writing about my experience with a game called Terraria that I put a massive amount of time in and am still nowhere near completion, also, I will mention some cinema trips, an OSS report and some games I have been have been dabbling in... Thank you for reading!

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